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Original abstract heavily textured bright red flowers painting with touches of gold will be ideal for the office meeting conference rooms. The rich hue of brilliant red will add unique look to any space the artwork is placed in.


Video of this painting is available on TikTok:

This stunning one of a kind artwork has been created with a palette knife and impasto texture style. Impasto is a term used to describe thickly layered paint that is three-dimensional in appearance. It is like sculpture on a canvas. The 36" x 24" x .5" deep ready to hang canvas stretched around wood frames and stapled on the back. Edges are painted in black. No Framing Necessary.

Medium: acrylic, impasto gel
Dominant colors: brilliant red, black, gold
Final coat of varnish has been applied for protection.

I only use the best Professional Artist Grade canvas and paint so you can always be assured you are getting a gallery quality piece.


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