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My name is Zarema Mamedova currently living in the eventful state of New York. Born in Azerbaijan, Baku; the largest and most beautiful city on the Caspian Sea. I always found joy in spending my free time on drawing and was surrounded by such wonderful scenery. From an early age, I attended different types of art classes and institutions. I was actively involved in a variety of art contests, workshops, and projects. As long as I can remember, I have always created stylish accessories and jewelry by adding a unique touch to everything I wore in order to match my personality. Being commended and complimented by my friends, family, and people around me, gave me inspiration to continue seeking an unforgettable experience with my artistic talent.

Although I consistently work on a daily basis, I do not let that interrupt me from my aspiration to become a successful painter. Most people would call it a hobby, but I like to call it my desire. While I am painting I feel a sense of nostalgia and picture my childhood dreams. My definition of painting has evolved over time and I can admit that it is no longer paint on a canvas. It is superior to say that it is my emotions, feelings, and expressions portrayed through the fibers of a canvas. From the little details such as the precious mixture of warm and cool colors to the overall meaning of my creation; it all holds a place in my passion for painting.




One of my paintings was chosen as a cover of a book, "Shades of Grace"…


After graduating high school, my decision was to take my art career to the next level by achieving a degree as a painter. At 22, my family and I moved to New York. The talent that I have acquired from attending college back in my country helped me get my first job within a month. I began by painting porcelain statues in a modern art store. Within a few months I was blessed by giving birth to my only child. Having to take care of my son, I chose not to take on a career as an artist, but as a banker. I have made this decision simply because it seemed more tangible and responsible for raising a child. Twenty years later, I’m here enjoying what I do best, expressing myself through my artistry.



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